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Divocco AI




Curious to discover the velocity of our growth?

Since 2010
Continued development

Portfolio of medical products.

Aug 2021
First meet

Current team members.

Nov 2021
Divocco AI


April 2022
Government grant (CQDM)

For the NerveGPS.

May 2022
First medical products selection

To be brought to market and development of the commercial strategy.

July 2022
SEED Funding

Round opens.

September 2022
to 2023
Research and development

Prototyping, recruitment, networking.

Our next months

Our ambition is to innovate in all areas of anesthesia. Without going into detail, the prototypes will be refined by the end of 2022. In 2023, clinical trials will begin, simultaneously with medical certifications. By the end of 2023, the first Divocco AI products will reach the market.


The team is currently being built. Interested in joining us? We are currently looking for technology project managers, mechatronics engineers, industrial engineers, and deep learning/artificial intelligence engineers

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